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Location: Pétange Cemetery

In memory of: Vassili Zilenko and Jakov Stolbirov

Inauguration: October 15, 1984​​

A memorial was erected at the Pétange cemetery to honor Vassili Zilenko and Jakov Stolbirov, two Soviet forced laborers who died far away from their homeland.

26 year old Vassili was seriously injured on today’s Luxembourg Street. On the way home from his workplace at central station in Luxembourg City that had been bombed that day, he was run over by a streetcar. Forced laborers did not have the right to seek shelter in the event of a bombing. This could well explain his accident.

His fellow citizen Jakov, aged 58, got badly wounded when a fire broke out at the railroad repair and maintenance facility in Pétange. He died just a few days later from his injuries.

Their memorial was inaugurated October 15, 1984 in the presence of the Soviet Ambassador.​