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Location: Hyman Josefson Square, Pétange

In memory of: the first American soldier to die in Luxembourg

Inauguration: 1947

Artist: Claus Cito​

Two years after the liberation, the Pétange „Syndicat d’Initiative” (visitor information association) together with local authorities decided to erect a monument in honor of the first American soldier who lost his life in Luxembourg. The monument bears the inscription „Au premier s​oldat américain tombé pour la libération de notre pays - To the first American soldier fallen for the liberation of our country – Mir vergiessen net” as well as an engraving of the American eagle.

On the day of its inauguration, Jean-Baptiste Gillardin, city council deputy and president of the Pétange „Syndicat d’Initiative”, said in his speech that „[...] tiny Luxembourg will remain true to this promise and [...] we will not forget our gratitude for all those brave people who selflessly sacrificed their life so that we would get our freedom back.”

Ever since 1947 a ceremony organized by the Pétange „Syndicat d’Initiative” takes place on the same day in order to remember them.​