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Location: “Am Park” schoolyard in Pétange

In memory of: François, Marguerite and René Hahn

Inauguration: 2007

During the evacuation of the population living in the municipality of Pétange, 3 members of one family become the first civilian casualties. They were trying to seek protection from the bombing in an air raid shelter when they – François​ Hahn, Marguerite Hahn-Mahnen and their son René Hahn - were killed in the schoolyard “Am Park” by a grenade fired by the Allies on May 11, 1940.

Today, a commemorative plaque honors them at the location of their last moments. It was inaugurated May 11, 2007 in the presence of family members, Pétange city council members as well as members of the “Péitenger Geschichtsfrënn”.​