Location: next to the Pétange parish church

In memory of: escape helpers and resistance ​members​

Inauguration: May 28, 1961​

The „Borne du Passeur” was inaugurated May 28, 1961 in the presence and under the patronage of – at that time – Prince Jean. The memorial stone honors every single escape helper and member of the resistance. Those anonymous heroes, unknown men and women who put their lives on the line so that others would survive, have not come to the same level of fame than the soldiers have.

The base of this memorial was once a part of the „Gëlle Fra” monument that was hidden during the years of occupation in order to prevent the Nazis from destroying it.

The „Borne du Passeur” Association was founded in 1992 to bear those who saved so many lives throughout the occupation in remembrance.

Since 1996, the monument is located next to the Pétange parish church.​